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Membership Interest Survey

Dear Members,    In order to serve you better, we are hoping to gather information on membership interest areas.

1. Where do you get your information on activities at The Center?
Convenience store store/coffee shop - if so, which one(s)?
Newspaper: Press and Dakotan The Observer
KVHT 106.3 FM KVTK 1570 AM
KKYA 93.1 FM KYNT 1450 AM
WNAX 104.1 FM WNAX  570 AM
Center newsletter
Center web page
Other (for instance word of mouth and flyers):
2. If available in addition to the regular meal served, would you purchase ala carte items such as soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts?          Yes No
If you would purchase ala carte, what price are you willing to pay per item? 
$2.00 per item $3.00 per item $4.00 per item
3. What age group do you fall into?
40 49  50- 59  60-69  70-79  80 - 89  90 and above  
4. What social events would you like to see offered at The Center? 
Investment programs  Educational programs (long term care, diabetes, housing etc.)
Please list below additional events you would like to see offered.
5. What time of the day would work best for you to attend the social events?
9am-12 pm  1-5 pm   5 7 pm
6. What social events would you like to see at the Center and what are you willing to spend?   
$2- $4  $5-$6   $7and above
     or other amount:
7. Suggestions to make YOUR Center Better.



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